Tour of Dordrecht

1 hour

Experience Dordrecht from the water

Step aboard for an unforgettable cruise through the historic port area of Dordrecht and discover the hidden gems of this beautiful city from the water, guided by a passionate and knowledgeable skipper. Enjoy a relaxing and impressive experience as you sail past the beautiful old warehouses, dark bridges and imposing quays. The skipper will tell you all about the city's history, monuments and landmarks, giving you a good idea of the rich history of Holland's oldest city aboard the boat.

In this package, you take a 1-hour cruise through the historic port area of Dordrecht. An interactive and surprising experience on the water, full of interesting facts and beautiful stories. The cruise is conducted with a classic Italian boat from Si Barone.


Cruise on a classic boat from Si Barone (1 hour, maximum 12 people)€ 160

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