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Fake News Tour

1.5 hours

Intriguing anecdote or bizarre fabrication? The Fake News Tour is an exhilarating journey full of juicy lies and unctuous truths. Looking for a surprising outing with family, friends or colleagues? During this city tour, nothing is what it seems. You will make an absurd journey of discovery along alternative facts from the history of Dordrecht. From canon shooting competitions to sea monsters on the Merwede: it is up to you to guess which stories are true and which are made up. Sometimes history seems too good to be true, or are the most improbable events true after all? This city walk is unique in that fact and fable are interspersed in a playful way. At the end of the Fake News Tour there will be a short quiz to determine who did not fall for the fake news in Dordrecht.

This city walk in Dordrecht is an active experience. Do not expect dry years or boring facts, but an interactive and surprising walk....

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