Hidden Pearls - Nov. 13, 2022

1 p.m.

This is the most fun city tour of Dordrecht! Together with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable local guide you will explore the rich history, numerous monuments and most beautiful stories of the oldest city in Holland. During the walk you will not only discover the highlights such as the Grote Kerk, the City Hall, the historic harbor area and the Groothoofd, but also experience the city off the beaten track. Be surprised by hidden pearls, hidden places and experience the streets, facades and courtyards of Dordrecht together with a local. Do not expect dry facts or many years, but an interactive and surprising city walk with the best city guides of Dordrecht. This city walk is fun for visitors who want to discover Dordrecht, but also for locals who are looking for all the secrets of their own city.

What to expect.

  • An active experience, so no boring listing of facts or years.
  • An enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide who will let you discover the city like a true local.
  • An interactive and surprising walk, past surprising places in downtown.

How can you make reservations?

  • The rate for a private city walk is a minimum of 60 euros. All walks are tailored to your needs and can start on any day and at any time.
  • On Wednesdays through Sundays, there is also an entry walk at 1 p.m. You can reserve tickets through the website.


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In the city walk 'Hidden Pearls' you will discover the most beautiful stories in the center of Dordrecht together with an enthusiastic local guide. During the walk, you will visit monuments such as the Grote Kerk, the Stadhuis, the Groothoofd, the Kunstkerk and the historic harbor area. During an interactive and surprising city walk, you will discover the hidden corners of the city in 1.5 hours. With the Hidden Pearls route, experience the hidden places of Holland's oldest city. You will discover the stories behind facades, gates, streets, courtyards and warehouses. This is the best city walk of Dordrecht: don't expect dry facts, but an enthusiastic guide who lets you experience the history of the city.
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